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Nurture your kids future and be a part of a legacy where learning happens beyond the books, where knowledge is just not limited to theory and textbooks, but your kids see and experience what they learn. Our teaching pattern focuses on your kid's 360-degree growth in the field of mental aptitude, reasoning and physical education.


Sports are an integral part of a kid's mental and physical growth. We teach our kids skating at a very young age for a better body balance and fluidity at a very safe injury-free environment.

Lawn Tennis

Physical activities play a vital role for a 360-degree growth of a child, apart from academical growth, we make our kids strong in the area of sport thus we have a lawn tennis court where the kids can play

Summer Camp
Summer Camp

Our summer camp is held every year starting from the 1st week of May in which kids of the age group of 2.5 years -14 years from various schools across the city take part in our summer camp activities.

Montessori Teacher Training

The Montessori way of learning, allows the children to learn the best and acquire skills and knowledge by making the environment suitable for overall mental growth

Voca Boom
Voca Boom

It is a platform where we give importance to build your kid's Personality and Etiquette. We not only make the kids confident but we also fill them with self-belief as well as teach them the right sets of attitude for a glorious future ahead.

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About Happy Hours

One test of the correctness of the educational procedure is the happiness of the child”. – Maria Montessori. 

Happy Hours School is undoubtedly the best preschool in Bhubaneswar spreading across an acre of land in the heart of the temple city. 

The play school runs with the philosophy “fun leads to learning” combining the traditional Montessori Method with the more interactive Play-way participatory approach. The curriculum and pedagogy involve indigenously developed Rhymes, challenging worksheets and science…


happy hours

Reach high , for stars lie hidden in your soul,
Dream deep , for every dream leads to the goal


Happy Hours is an excellent Pre-School which nurtures the child from the formative stage in a meticulous yet gentle way. The School and its staff have always been approachable and supportive, readily guiding the Children and their parents. My son joined the School in Play Group and I have seen how welcoming the School has been in nurturing each aspect of him to reach his full potential. The curriculum is engaging and is always inclined towards analysis which helps him to think and deduce an answer. Extremely pleased with Happy Hours for providing a safe, enjoyable and joyful place for learning.

Parent of Prathamesh

Ukg -A

As a parent it gives us (me and my husband) immense pleasure that, we chose Happy Hours as a pre-school for our daughter. The learning environment, method of teaching and most importantly, we are truly delighted with how each child is embraced, nurtured and pampered by the teachers and school management. It’s more like a home to them. Along with quality education, it gives equal importance to Indian ethics and cultural values. As the name implies, our kid gets the actual ‘HAPPY HOUR’ here. We must say, we have chosen the best foundation school for our kid. May this school shine as bright as a kindergartner’s coloring.

Parent of Sudhanya Panigrahi


The hardships of a working mother and the tantrums of a vibrant daughter. Thanks to the entire team of Happy Hours by adding extra happiness to this relationship by your cooperation and learning process.

Parent of Fiona


If someday example can be set for the Best… it will be only U among the rest.. for the way you took steps to create education as a fun filled learning for my child! It is u who defined him from a toddler to an Intellectual kid .. All the hard work, your teachers  put in day after day, doesn’t go unnoticed whether it’s with physical schooling , online classes, or with  innovative Jigsaws during the lockdown …..Thank u Happy hours for edifying Shreeansh…Thank you for everything

Parents of Shreeansh Mohanty


I chose Happy Hours school because of its homely atmosphere. The teachers and staff are very caring and, the school environment encourages me. At the age of 2 years 4months, my daughter started to go to this school. All teachers are genuinely concerned to make the study more attractive to the children. They mix innovative ideas in the curriculum, so the children not only develop bookish knowledge but also sharpen their brain in other relevant fields like art, craft, game, household activities etc.

Parent of Debanshi Das


Happy Hours school is one of its kind and is a very safe environment for a child, to groom his/her future, and mould into a responsible citizen. The quality of education here is top-notch. The teachers are incredibly supportive, and they are always willing to try new things and help children grow and learn at their own pace. They also value and respect the parents’ input. The school conducts various in-house competitions that help the students develop their creativity and, their skill sets, and boosts their self-esteem. All the festivals are celebrated in school with enthusiasm. So, undoubtedly, Happy Hours is the best school in Bhubaneswar

Parent of Reyansh Kumar


What did I look for when I started looking for a school for my child, an enriching environment, beaming, benevolent teachers I could trust my lifeline with, a unique approach to life and learning? Happy Hours has delivered all this and more!!

Confident happy children who learn to live life on their terms but are still rooted in traditional values!

Happy Hours, you are a brand new, and your students tell the tale far better than anybody else!

Parent of Syed Zaid Ahmed


I am a happy parent of Happy Hours

My son Hrishaan never wanted to get inside the school, after he entered Happy Hours his vision changed. The entire team helped him come out of his fears. Now he is a 9-year-old grown-up boy studying in Loyola School and doing good. Now my daughter Ivana just joined the same school, she loves being there, and the efforts school gives to the children is something I will not get anywhere else.

Happy hours crew is excellent in child development, they develop the child’s brain by logical reasoning, brainstorming exercises and tries to find out the best in your kid

Cheers to Happy Hours School

Parent of Ivana Kapoor

Play Group

We as parents are happy that we choose Happy Hours school for our child. The school has given a solid foundation to our child with the utmost care, love and affection. We are proud to say that HAPPY HOUR school is the best pre-school in Bhubaneswar.

Parent of Ayushman Mohanty

Std - II