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Tennis is the perfect way to encourage children to be active outside and have fun. This sport includes a lot of running around and the use of the entire body, and therefore a great exercise for little ones.
Tennis is hugely beneficial for cardio health – the constant movement, and quick changes in pace and direction, make it one of the best workouts for the heart.
The sport increases strength in growing bones and improves reaction times as you dart to hit the incoming ball – this also increases flexibility, since you need to adjust quickly to reach different shots. It also improves hand-eye coordination.
Tennis is a safe sport for children as it’s contact-free, and with coaches on-hand during lessons to teach beginners proper technique and form, there’s less chance of injury.
Days- Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Tennis classes are conducted thrice a week at Happy Hours.

  • For more details contact 7847901547
  • Schedule:- Wednesday ,Thursday

Attention: Classes may change time, so please pay attention!

Happy Hours runs with the philosophy that “fun leads to learning” combining the traditional Montessori Method with the more interactive Play-way participatory approach.

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