Parent of Ayushman Mohanty

Std II
We as parents are really happy that we choose Happy Hours school for our child. The school has given a strong foundation to our child with utmost care, love and affection. We are proud to say that HAPPY HOUR school is the best pre-school in Bhubaneswar🙏🙏

Parent of Ivana Kapoor

I am a happy parent of Happy Hrs School💞 My son Hrishaan never wanted to get inside the school and after he entered Happy Hours School his vision changed.. the entire team helped him to come out of his fears and now he is a 9 year old grown up boy studying in Loyola School and doing good and now my daughter Ivana just joined the same school and loves being there and efforts the school gives to children is something I wont get anywhere else. Happy hours crew is excellent in child development, they develop the child’s brain by logical reasoning, brainstorming exercises and tries to find out the best in your kid 💗💗 3 cheers for Happy Hrs School

Parent of Syed Zaid Ahmed

What did I look for when I started looking for a school for my child... an enriching environment, beaming, benevolent teachers I could trust my lifeline with, a unique approach to life and learning. Happy Hours has delivered all this and more!! Confident happy children who learn to live life on their terms but are still rooted in traditional values! Happy Hours, you're a brand now and your students tell the tale far better than anybody else!

Parent of Reyansh Kumar

Happy Hours school is definitely one of its kind and is a very safe environment for a child,to groom his/her future,and mould into a responsible citizen.The quality of education here is top notch.The teachers are very supportive and they are always willing to try new things and help children grow and learn at their own pace.They also value and respect parents input.The school conducts various in-house competitions that help the students to develop their creativity and their skill sets and also boosts their self-esteem.All the festivals are celebrated in school with gusto.So, undoubtedly,Happy Hours is one of the best school in Bhubaneswar.

Parent of Debanshi Das

I chose Happy Hours school because of it's homely atmosphere. The teachers and staff are very caring and school environment encourages me. At the age of 2 years 4months, my daughter started to go this school. I feel all teachers are very concerned to make the study more attractive to the children. They mix new ideas in the curriculum so the children not only develop book knowledge but also sharpen their brain in other relevant fields like art, craft, game, household activities etc.

Parents of Shreeansh Mohanty

If someday example can be set for the Best... it will be only U among the rest.. for the way you took steps to create education as a fun filled learning for my child! It is u who defined him from a toddler to an Intellectual kid .. All the hard work, your teachers put in day after day, doesn't go unnoticed whether it's with physical schooling , online classes, or with innovative Jigsaws during the lockdown .....Thank u Happy hours for edifying Shreeansh...Thank you for everything

Happy Hours runs with the philosophy that “fun leads to learning” combining the traditional Montessori Method with the more interactive Play-way participatory approach.

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