When to Give Mobile Phones to your Kid?

When to Give Mobile Phones to your Kid?

Gone are those days when as a child we used to spend our childhood days on the lap of our mothers and grandparents but now in the fast-paced world when both parents have started working, spending time with the kids has now become a luxury. With the days passing by and technologies developing, parents are confused about when to give mobile phones to their kids. Due to the recent pandemic situation, offline classes have shifted to online and the option of giving mobile phones has become mandatory. 

With the whole education sector shifting online, parents get tempted to give their kids mobile phones at a very young age with no parental guidance. With the internet being accessible to every household in this country, education companies have started developing an educational application for the students. With the educational applications coming into the picture, big application developing companies have started making interactive learning games for the kids, hence increasing the dilemma of the parents. 

So, what is the right age for introducing mobile phones to kids? Well, the question itself is very tricky but do not worry we will try to make your parenting a bit easy for you: 

Make A Timetable 

The timetable is Important for any living being alive on the planet, timetable brings discipline and discipline is important for any child’s character and personality development. Instead of leaving phones with your kids for a long time, make sure that you give them the phones for a shorter period. Like if your kid loves to play games, instead of giving them the phone to play car racing, it would be better if the same amount of time is given to an interactive learning game. This will result in your kid learning something useful and meaningful which will eventually be fruitful for your kid. 

When to give mobile phones to your kid

Do not fight with your kid: 

Do not fight with your kid when they ask you for mobile phones, even at a very small age your kids can be very rebellious. We should understand that even if you try to keep the phone beyond their reach, somehow, they will find it. The kids see whatever you do, if they see you handling the phone right in front of their eyes, their curiosity will increase. So, the right way of doing it is introducing the mobile phone to the kids for a limited time frame.  

Try to stay near your kid. 

Always try to stay near your kid when they are using mobile phones because the internet is a very tricky place to leave your kid alone. With all the lectures and games and classes shifting online, the probability of finding something they should not in the first place also increases simultaneously. If you are handing over the phone to your kid, make sure that you open the page or the video or the games beforehand. So that your child must just go through the interface and not the journey of reaching there. This decreases the chances of encountering something they should not have in the first place.  

Be Friends with your Kid: 

Never scold your kid, if you scold your kid for using mobile phones then probably, they will not use it, but they will never understand the goods and bad about the usage of mobile phone. Instead of scolding your kid, make him sit and introduce him to the concept of mobile phones. Them about the good and the bad of mobile phones. According to the research parents who are friendly with their kids often end up in a happy and disciplined lifestyle than the strict parents. 

What is the right time? 

Technically there is no such thing as the right time. Your kid can listen to nursery poems while they eat, or study while they play. What is more important is how you are introducing gadgets to them and not which gadgets they are using. So, if your kid is a young age, give mobile phones for less amount of time, if your kid is slightly elder make rules which are the things that you want your kid to see.