Voca Boom

Voca Boom

It is an application oriented programme where in lessons are imparted by innovative ways such as stories, games, role play & riddles.

  • A Fun based Vocabulary Enrichment program.
  • Age Group- 4 to 14 years (from Lkg- Grade 7). Accordingly there are 4 levels—Prebasic, Basic, Elementary and Intermediate.
  • No Added Pressure or Cramming Required.
  • Practical usage of words through Application-oriented games.
  • A High Energy ,Children friendly Program.
  • Knowledge Enhancement.
  • Builds Good Inter-personal skills & Boosts Self confidence.

VocaBloom– Confidence, attitude and self-belief are VITAL catalysts to academic achievements. Realising the importance of these attributes in today’s competitive world, Happy Hours School has embarked upon several projects in this direction, subtly and gently contributing to shaping young minds and their personalities.

VocaBLOOM is a short ‘Personality and Etiquette’ program of 2 hours each for kids of grades 2-7. “It covers international and Indian table Etiquette along with other important etiquettes”.

VocaFlowTheIdeas(VFTI)– VocaFLOW-THE-IDEAS (VFTI) is a 4-month creative writing programme of for kids of grades 5-9 of CBSE, ICSE and IGCSE streams. It covers 13 writing categories eg essays, report-writing, speech, comprehension etc. In these sessions there is discussion/debate/jotting of points for verbal essays. It is also characterized by submission of Weekly written tasks which are corrected in excruciating detail and Mid-term and end-of-term marked tests.

GrammarOn– Grammar is a monster in the eyes of most children worldwide. GRAMMARON from VocaBOOM intends to make grammar learning fun. It is an annual programme held once a week for one hour and fifteen minutes for kids of ages 7-11 years. There are two levels- Foundation and Strengthening. The sessions are interactive, fun-filled, imaginative and party-like. The grammar concepts are taught in imaginative, innovative ways such that kids enjoy the sessions as well as never forget the application.

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