Kids like playing and we respect that. We understand the need for sports in a kid’s life. Exercises can be boring for them but if the same exercise is done through games and sports, they enjoy their hearts out. It is all about the approach, the way you show it, the way they catch it.  

For sports activities, we teach our students tennis in a safe environment in the heart of nature. Sports activities develop a feeling of harmony and togetherness amongst the children as kids from various background play together.  

Our Tennis court ensures that the kids can put their skills into use and practice hard and make a name for themselves. Children develop a sense of liking at a very early stage and we have all the options available for your kid so that they all can try their talent and we can help them enhance their skills. 


  • Weekly Thrice (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).
  • Timing:-6:30 pm- 7:30 pm.
  • Trained & Expert Coach , Flood light arrangement .
prenursery school for kid

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