Sport activities play a vital role in the physical growth of the child, hence we at happy hour take care that our children do not get burdened with academics because we strictly belief that a child learns through nature. we show our kids the practical aspects of all the knowledge that we share.  

Fun and games plays a vital role behind the laughter of the kids and we at Happy Hour teach our kids Skating with proper safety and precaution. Our kids at Happy hour takes a huge liking towards skating because that teaches our kid body balance and precision.   

Ups and Down always teach us something. Whenever there is a down, you analyse the mistake and you learn and when there is a up, you try hard to achieve even more.  

Sport helps building the core of the body and a breath of fresh air in our luscious green land will make our kid energised and motivated for a perfect start in the world of competition. 


  • Weekly Twice (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Timing: 04:000 pm – 06:00 pm (Saturday) & 10:00 am- 12:00 pm (Sunday)
  • Trained & Expert Coach from Odisha Skating Academy.
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