Montessori Teacher Training

Montessori Teacher Training

Starting in 2006, Happy Hours school has set up the 1st ever internationally certified Montessori Training centre in Odisha. Over the last 14+ years, the training centre has trained over 500+ pre-school teachers with the internationally accredited Montessori teachers training programme. 

 The Montessori way of learning allows the children to learn the best and acquire skills and knowledge by making the environment suitable for overall mental growth. We at Happy Hours believe that for a better tomorrow, teachers play a vital role as they are the artist who shapes the future of the kids. The ethics and moral they are taught at a younger age become the foundation of their personality and habits in the future. With great power, comes great responsibility and we make you the change bringer of the society.  

 If you would like to be an effective early childhood educator or would like to maintain work-life balance, this course serves it all. 

Young candidates freshly graduated from college to experienced professionals. Homemakers to women who are on a career break can be benefitted out of this training programme. 

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