With numerous schools mushrooming in every nook and corner the city, our school is an ideal choice when a toddler leaves the security and comfort of Parent’s lap for the first time and steps into an alien environment to begin the process of learning because our unique features

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The whole world is busy scrolling down feeds online. We must understand that our kid imitates what they see, therefore teaching them a good habit is important. As parents, we are always worried about our kids future and seeing our kids glued on the screen of the mobile phone is something that we do not want. Our preschool has 1-acre luscious land of green ensures an eco-friendly environment in which all the kids of our school play together, bond together and a sense of inclusivity is generated in the mind of the children under the observation of nature and your child can learn about the importance of physical education.  

As nature is the best teacher, we ensure your kid’s mental and physical growth and our kitchen garden, school garden and pet corner will make sure that your kid does not cry while going to the school. 

Hobby Club

A kid is a vessel full of curiosity and positivity and under no circumstances the curiosity of trying different things should be restricted. We have a ‘Hobby Club’ which conducts classes in Modern Dance & Lawn Tennis. Children can come and pursue their interest through these classes. Field trips and special outings reinforce classroom lessons. Our children have visited the Domino’s, Ram Mandir, Buddhadeva nursery and Natural history museum a part of “out of class” learning. 

Special assemblies illustrating a particular concept expose our kids to an array of English skits & rhymes, Yoga & other physical activities, life skills, values, Dance & Drama, throughout the year 

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Computer Lab

Technology has taken over the world by a storm. The knowledge we acquire at a tender age lays the foundation of a successful future. At our computer lab, the kids get to explore the technological world with proper guidance from our teaching experts closely monitoring the kid’s overall performances in a balanced way. We make sure that your kid is ready to face the outside world. The world is growing fast, we must match up with speed but there is always a right way to do the right things. We do not burden our kids instead; we make the journey of learning easy and fun. 

Science Lab

Science is an indispensable part of our everyday lives and our experiments aim to bring out this aspect. Not only are these science experiments, an awesome introduction to learning concepts, but they also spark curiosity. They help children develop questions, problem solve and find answers . Moreover our experiments are great for short attention spans. They are almost always hands-on, visually engaging, and filled with play opportunities!

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We understand your concern regarding your child’s safety, it is our responsibility that every kid reaches school and back home on time safely. We keep the parents notified about their kid’s bus location and send SMS when they miss the transport. Our trusted captains with years of experience, make sure that your kid has a hassle-free journey to the school. Our bus services are spread across the city so that no kid is left behind.  

Sensorial Path

Gone are those days when the process of learning was boring for the kids, earlier it was common to notice that your kids are running away for books and copies but not anymore because the whole educational process has just got renovated. At our school, we have creative and playful ways to build sensory paths that help the kid get educated about balance and body awareness. The kids also get to learn about touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight which in return increases the ability to complete more complex learning tasks in future. 

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Aptitude Games

Aptitude Games

Research tells us that the level of creativity of a kid is higher than that of an adult. We take care that your kid enhances their creativity level and make something productive out of it through aptitude games, where we develop talents into skills. We monitor the growth of your child and help them improve the parts where they are lacking behind. These aptitude games help the kid focus and concentrate at their respective tasks irrespective of the background noises.  

Splash Pool

Pool is a great way to beat the scorching heat of summer. Our little mermen and mermaids have always loved to soak and splash!! Water play is an essential part of early childhood curriculum as it helps in gross motor development, eye hand co-ordination and also helps in vocabulary development. Our tiny tots attired in colourful swim-wear and sun-glasses, having fun jumping in the water, splashing water at their friends ,squealing with joy and playing with floating toys, indeed make a delightful sight!! Our pool is also a centre of celebration of the boat-festival- ” Kartik Purnima”.
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Auditorium (Multi-Porpose)

We believe that talent is god’s biggest gift, and every child has got that gift and it is just a matter of fact when they realise what they can do. Every kid has the potential to bring some change and be the part of a change. We all are the writers of our own stories and to showcase these talents we have our multipurpose auditorium, where our kids can sing, dance, play an instrument, solve a Rubik’s cube, dress like a model and walk. We always encourage our kids to try something different and out of the box.   


We teach our kids, resource management, things that we usually throw away can be restored, reused and recycled. We have our kitchen garden where we show them how they can use waste to make something amazing so that when the kids go home, they have something positive to work on and showcase their masterpiece. Our garden consists of a variety of flowers and we use it to teach our kids about flowers and develop a good practice related to that subject. We prefer more of a practical approach to things than a theoretical approach.   

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Pet Corner

The right set of habits and practices at an early age is important for the growth of the child. We teach our kids to be sympathetic and treat everyone with respect be it humans or animals and in our pet corner we have rabbits, ducks and swans and many other birds who play with our kids and this results in a positive outlook towards the way of the world and help them develop a feeling of kindness.  

AC Digital Classroom

The teaching methods have gone through a lot of changes throughout the history of education be it studying under a tree or sitting in the classroom. Our AC Digital Classroom allow us to help the kids understand about a particular concept through videos and cartoons which were earlier not possible with chalk and a blackboard. According to research Visual interpretation of concepts help kids to remember and understand in a much easier way as compared to the blackboard teaching method. 

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 The school Library has rich collection of children’s books and resources for all age groups- ranging from Fairy tales to Encyclopedias –to kindle the love for reading amongst our young readers and enabling them to become creative and life-long learners.