How to Choose a Perfect Prenursery School for your Kid?

How to Choose a Perfect Prenursery School for your Kid?

In this digital world where everything happens online starting from banking to a wedding, the education sector has also shifted online. The worst nightmare of the parents has come true as students are spending more and more time glued on the screen of their devices. With the education sector shifting online in terms of schooling and tutoring, the physical activities of kids are decreasing drastically. Parents struggling between incorporating good habits in their kids and keeping up to date with the modern trends and technologies, the kids are the one who is taking the tolls. The parents concerned for their toddler’s preschool often get desperate and end up choosing a pre-nursery school that provides no help to the toddler’s overall growth.  

At an age where physical activities and mental growth is necessary, limiting your child’s creativity within a playschool’s boundary is something that is not very appreciable. No parents want to settle for something less than perfection for their kid’s future nevertheless, they get misled with the branding and promotions of the preschools, resulting in choosing a wrong kindergarten for their toddlers. So, what are the things that you should look for while searching for your toddlers LKG UKG education? The answer is pretty simple:  

1.Know your Child: 

Understanding your child plays a vital role in what kind of learning you want to provide to your kid. The personality of your child decides the roadmap of their educational pathway. Special importance should be given to the kind of environment that brings the best out of your child, understanding about the small things that makes your kid nervous, excited and uncomfortable is very important. Not every kid is equal therefore they require a different kind of attention, some kids require freedom while few others require structure.  

A kid, in general, is very much acquainted staying with their parents and leaving them to a preschool can sometimes be disturbing for them, a friendly environment for your kid is required for them to blossom. Thinking about future schooling while your kid is still in a playschool is completely normal, therefore while deciding a preschool, think about the aspects you want your kid to grow. Hence, a nursery can be equipped with every facility possible but at the same time can be not perfect for your kid.  

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2.The Teachers 

The teachers play a huge role in building the character of a child and every play school follows a different teaching method. According to your kid’s personality select a preschool that compliments your child’s behaviour. For example, The Montessori method is a method of education based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. 

In Montessori classrooms, children make creative choices in their learning, while the classroom and the highly trained teacher offer age-appropriate activities to guide the process. Similarly, there are other methods like The Reggio Emilia Approach, The High Scope Approach, The Waldorf Approach. Choose any style based on your child’s personality and interest as different playschool follows a different way of teaching, with different core values. 

3.The Environment 

The environment also plays an important role, while you choose a kindergarten for your child. Choose a preschool that looks like one. Physical activities are very much essential for toddlers and focusing on the overall 360-degree development of your kid is important. While looking for a playschool, look for a proper environment where your kid can play, enjoy and shine. A big building with close rooms can do no good to your kid’s mental health. A nursery with luscious green land with friendly animals around can be a good option for your kid. According to research, kids learn more when they are taught in a good natural environment that gives them a hands-on experience. 

4.The Other Children 

The kind of research you are doing for your kids matters a lot. Are you a parent that reads online reviews or are you a parent that visits the preschool beforehand for a recce? If you are researching your toddler’s preschool by visiting certain nurseries, remember to notice how the other kids are behaving. Small fights are perfectly fine but remember to notice the body language of other kids. Are they friendly with their teachers or are they scared of their teachers? Are the kids welcoming enough? Do they play together? Do they get enough freedom and space to try new things? Because the answers to these questions will speak a lot about the relation between students and kids. If you are researching the pre-nursery schools online, look for the infrastructure of the nursery and their approach towards learning.  

5.The Location 

The location of your child’s nursery is important because of two reasons, number one if the playschool is near your house then the communication gets easy and the hassle of dropping and picking your toddler every day gets easy. Number two choose a playschool that does not involve a lot of travelling. Although some schools provide you with transportation facilities it is wise not to prefer that because at a young age it is healthy to spend some more time with your kid. So, a nice walk back to your home with your kid holding your left hand will be a heart-filled experience.