How To Boost Immunity In Your Children During Covid-19?

How To Boost Immunity In Your Children During Covid-19?

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The whole country has been badly affected because of Covid 19. Last year the most affected age group was 45+. Just when we thought that the curve is going to get flatten the situation got worse. The people from the age group between 18 to 44 years were severely affected this year because of covid 19. In the last couple of months, we have noticed that the kids between the age group of 6 to 14 years are also suffering from covid 19. A few days ago, the government made it mandatory for 2 years old children to wear a mask while going out.

We do not have to point out how dangerous that virus is looking at the present scenario of the whole country. With the government and the entire frontline workers asking us to wear a mask, sanitise hands, and maintain social distancing at all the time, this effort is not enough for us to fight the covid 19. Now the most significant question that arises is what can be done to combat the Corona Virus? Well, if that question has to be answered in a single line, then that will boost your immunity.  

As parents, we are always worried and concerned about the safety and security of our kids, and even during this intricate time, as a parent, it is very natural to keep your kid’s safety above all. So how can you boost the immunity of your kid? Well, the answer is just there around you.  

Eat Fruits And Vegetables

The biggest concern of the parents is when their child is a fussy eater. The best way to increase immunity are fruits that are rich in vitamin C. Apart from the intake of fruits one should also give their child vegetables and lentils. It is recommended that one should have Nuts, whole grains and unprocessed millets, and oats. One must avoid having food with rich salt, fat, and sugar content. If you are still worried about your kid’s fussiness while eating, then one small tip from us. Innovation is the key. Try to innovate the food you are cooking for your kid because the food items that your kid finds boring are good for the health.  

Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is responsible for transporting nutrients and minerals in the blood. The flow of water helps in maintaining and regulating body temperature. We all know that water helps in digesting food and helps the kidney purify the blood. An intake of at least 3 liters of water assures a good healthy body. You can give water-rich food items likes milk, fruits, and other vegetables to your kid, like watermelon, tomatoes, cucumber, etc.  Artificially sweetened juices and fruit syrups should be avoided at any cost. Fresh juices are great for your kid’s health.  

 Some Fats Are Healthy

There are generally two types of fats that are available, saturated, and unsaturated. Unsaturated fats are the fats that are not good for the body and it is plentily available in fatty meat, butter, coconut oil, etc. On the other hand, unsaturated fats are abundantly found in olive oils, avocado, fish, and nuts. Trans fats that are found in burger and pizza and chips should be avoided at given cost as it has adverse effects on health.   

Home Cooked Food Please 

Like most of the kid, your kid might be a big fan of junk food or street food or food that comes from restaurants and hotels, but it is highly advised to avoid the whole process of ordering and delivering outside food at your home for safety issues. Home-cooked food undoubtedly is safer and healthier for your kids. Meals that are prepared at home is cooked with a lot of care and high-grade material, unlike the food that you get in hotels. In that way, you can avoid eating oily food, and you can keep a distance from saturated fats. Less fat concentrated food helps you to stay healthy and protects you from the risk of being obsessed shortly also. 


Physical activities amidst covid have gradually decreased, to tackle such a scenario one can easily do some mild exercise sitting at the comfort of your place. Small exercises like jogging, skipping, stretching also helps to a large extent. You can ask your kid to do that, and you can join them too while they are exercising. This will also lead to a good healthy family time.  

If one keeps all the above-mentioned points in mind, it becomes easier to boost immunity. We wish and hope that you stay safe and wear a mask all the time.